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GoodBye Jason 😭

⊗ Feb 7, 2020 | read time: 2 min

"Good Bye Jason "

Saturday, January 25 my phone rang and my father was on the line. The conversation was prompt, with a shaking voice he said: “Its Jason…Jason gone… im gone. Im jus kill im-self”. As of this moment, I’m still in denial. I’m not sure how to properly word this article as I’m still in shock. I hope you forgive my fragile nature.

Jason was a close friend, mentee & and brother from another mother. I want to use this opportunity to celebrate some of his achievements.

He Was A Go-Getter

He is a role model in the community. Most would say he came from nothing to something. In a matter of five-six years, every naysayer gave him kudos for what he has done with his life. Folks who once said he was a good for nothing S.O.B, are now shocked based on his level of achievement. I’m talking remarkable achievements:

  1. After his Uncle kicked him out, he started selling coconuts in the community.
  2. Then he moved to Kingston (slept in the market) and started selling bag juice.
  3. He then became a windscreen wiper.
  4. Made enough funds to purchase his first ticket to travel to a Caribbean island for a six (6) months work program.
  5. During his tenure, he worked 3 jobs.
  6. He ended up getting his CSME Certificate as a result of his skills.
  7. He ultimately got a full-time contract due to his worth ethic and drive.

I’m always bragging about what he has done

He accomplished all of this while taking care of two young children, funding his sister through high school and caring for his Grandmother. He did all of this without a high school diploma.

His medium-term goal was to purchase a property and to build a house for his family. During his recent visit, he was looking to finalize the deal on the property. But something happen…

Relationship Problems

The relationship he had with his baby mother took a turn for the worst. It affected his health to the point where he was admitted to the hospital for mental related issues.

Mental Health Is Serious Stuff! But I didn’t expect things would have taken such a turn for the worst. I’m not sure what happened between him and his spouse for him to do this. Even though he had me & my friend as a support group I’m truly not sure what truly lead to this.

I’m Still Hurt

I still do find myself wanting to give him a call just to check in on his progress. We always share life lessons and different ways and means of improving. Recently we spoke about money and how he can use investment as a way of getting the capital needed to build his house. On the fun side, we wanted to see who would purchase the first fancy 4X4 pickup truck.

I’m hurt because he didn’t deserve this. He was successful and knew exactly what he wanted in life; unlike most mother-duckers who are on earth-destroying people’s lives. I’m hurt because he cared and had a big heart. I’m hurt because …. hmmm! I miss him!

Jason, It’s been a long day without my friend.
And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again.
We’ve come along way from where we began.
Oh, I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again…

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