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Speaking It Into Being With Ms. N Campbell

⊗ Aug 4, 2020 | read time: 4 min

"Speak It Into Beign"

I’m sure you’ve heard the popular phrase “speak it into being”, or at least a variation of it. How about a Biblical phrase: “life and death is in the power of the tongue”? Fortunately enough, I have a friend who has been speaking her accomplishments into existence.

I recently had a WhatsApp call with her to learn about a particular multi-purpose furniture she posted. But ended up learning about some remarkable life lessons, of which I’ll be sharing with you. First, let me introduce you to my Ms. Campbell (aka. Tish).

Ms. Campbell

A Visual Merchandiser by profession who is currently applying her skills at four Courts Stores in St. Lucia and ten other stores in the Eastern Caribbean region. As with most Yaadi, she started her professional career in Jamaica but quickly excelled at her craft. Before moving to St. Lucia, she decorated over 34 member stores across the island. If you’ve ever walked into Ashley’s, Lucky Dollar, or Courts you may have been impacted by her decorative skills.

As I’ve recently learned, that a Visual Merchandiser directly impacts the decisions made by customers. They set the mood for customers by making the store D’place you want to be. Decorating is one aspect, designing the most functional layout impacts sales and customer satisfaction is another.

Her talent and creativity were on display long before she started on this path. She started out using unwanted pieces of fabric from her previous job to make bags. This was how her now dormant company, Tishelle Designs started. With the help of her roommate - the guinea-pig - she began creating fashionable products for clients. The demand grew and she initially sold her bags to Babeelicious store in Kingston. After establishing a line product, she struck a deal with KerryManWomanHome. She ultimately pivoted and ended up having a line of baby products due to customer demand. As a yaadi would say “creativity galore”, just take a look at one of her recent DIY projects!

"Example Of Her Work"

Speak Things Into Being…

It is a well-known phrase used to project things into the real world. It’s like a universal key, capable of opening any door in the universe. Speaking things into being seems to somehow tap into our innate ability to go beyond your current capabilities and achieve the unimaginable. No, this is not a design flaw or “buck-ups”; rather an explicit feature built-in by the creator. And Tish has been using it to her advantage. Browser her twitter feed and see for yourself.

By using her God-given key, Tish has spent years transforming and directing her life. Even her current role came as a result of “speaking it into being”. Back in 2012, she set a goal to obtain a job based on a list of criteria. Lo and behold, the opportunity manifested itself and now she is living that dream. While she faced resistance but in the end, she prevailed.

Here is the cool thing, you have a similar key in your possession. Here are a few tips from Tish on how to open the doors & windows of your dreams.


  • Have a vision board. This is essentially a section of your wall or a board you will be using to track your goals (short, medium & long-term). Preferably let it hang next to your bed with sample photos of your future goals. This helps to subconsciously reinforce your goals. Tish got this idea from Steve Harvey. Vision board works! Tish was able to accomplish all six goals within the specified timeframe.

  • Create a routine filled with praise and gratitude. Perspective is everything, when you think & speak positive thoughts it will have an impact on your life. This is where having a good routine comes in handy. By simply reading the Bible and other inspirational contents daily, you’ll experience growth.

  • Be prepared for change and opportunities. Never let a day go by without taking a step towards your goal. Your daily progress may not be significant, but it is still a win.

  • Learn from the people around you. Confirmation bias is natural and something we block opposing views. Exploring and learning new things requires an open mindset, so why limit your potential.

  • Forgive, because it is for you. Humans aren’t perfect and mishaps do happen. Despite the intention, you should do the right thing - at least for yourself. When you practice forgiveness, you become the main beneficiary. Forgiveness is not about excuses, it is rather a way of pardoning them for the wrongs they may have committed.

  • Respect everyone. Notwithstanding one’s social or economic status, treat each human being you meet with respect. Use the golden rule as your guide “Do unto others as you’d like them to do unto you”.

Folks, these recommendations cost nothing. Transform your life today, life beyond your wildest dreams, and capitalize on your untapped potentials. Tish is a true example of what’s possible when you speak positively and take the right actions.

The Bible states that you should ask and it shall be granted onto you. So what are you waiting for? Go forth and speak your vision into being.

Before I close out with a video from Steve Harvey, I want to thank Tish for sharing her story and congratulate her on her achievements! Blessings.

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