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Missan - Coxswain Back To School Project
Past Residents of Coxswain Community - Greetings one and all! I do hope you and your family are in good health and are enjoying God's richest blessings. This public letter is directed to all the past residents of Coxswain Community and the surrounding communities.
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Gratefulness is Flowing From My Heart 🎶
Be Grateful for what you have... That is a popular phrase I heard from my father while growing up in the country area. He would repeat this simple statement irrespective of the situation and I've grown up to see its value and impact in my life.
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I'm A Mentor?
Helping your fellow citizen climb the ladder of success is the responsibility we all share. There is also a greater responsibility on those who've stood on those rungs and understand what is required to climb higher. Mentorship so happens to be the most impactful way of sharing those life "how to".
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Performance Testing - Scaling our Online Services
Performance testing may not be the first quality assurance step companies think about when they are creating a product/service for online users. However time and time again it has proven to be the prerequisite when measuring quality. This is an article outlining the possible reason(s) why streaming service crashed during the heights of the
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2017 Year In Review.
Hi, Happy New Year! I know it's the season for making new year resolution, but this time I'm taking a different route. Besides I'm never good at making new year resolution, so I'm focusing on the accomplishments of 2017. As we hope for greater things in 2018, reflecting on the past may create a mental benchmark on future goals. With that said, here is a snapshot of last year.
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My House Is Finally Off Grid.
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. This statement is directly applicable to my life, as our power got disconnected (literally blown-off) from the main power line in early 2015. In looking back this unfortunate incident turned out to be a blessing and so this is a story of how I managed to install a fully functioning off-grid solar panel renewable energy system. Let me show you how I turned my darkness into sweet-sunshine!
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Driver's Licence Should Identify Your Blood Group
Less than a year ago I got my license and it is by no stretch an achievement for me. I've been driving cattle from an early age so driving a machine is not such a huge challenge. The possibility of being mowed down by the un-predictable cattle is slim when compared to driving on our roads. In all seriousness, based on the rate of increase in road accidents, I believe we should have our blood group (aka blood type) clearly visible on our driver's license. Let us discuss how this could help in saving a life in the event of a life-threatening road accident.
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Graduates, Your Resume Needs Validation.
Knowing what to put on your resume is big deal, but knowing how to represent your skills and potential should be an even bigger deal. There must be a better way of expressing one's potential. Join me as I share my story.
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